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icon Situated at the end of the unspoilt Mawella Beach in Tangalle, The Last House is a stylish villa providing you with the ultimate beach holiday experience. From booking the entire house to a single room, your privacy is guaranteed right throughout your stay. Private dining options, a swimming pool, beautiful sea views, beach activities are a part of this amazing holiday. The final design of Bawa, the Last House is an epitome of stylish meets traditional by the beach of Tangalle.

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Hopefully you're already feeling well treated, but if it's more you Want we can offer a variety of Massage Therapies and Wellness Techniques by our favored specialists Treatments include Ayurveda massage with healing oils, body scrubs with Locally-grown herbs to Thai massage for your body and Indian massage For your head. All techniques can be blended or not to suit you Personal needs An array of luxury health and wellness techniques can be provided for Include aromatherapy, Swedish massage for that sports injury, deep Tissue treatment, point therapy, facials and reiki – all blended into a A Unique experience designed to heal and rebalance the body, soothe sore Muscles, release tension and improve circulation.

The property provides equipment to enjoy a variety of beach games,surfing and boarding, or leisurely croquet on the lawn. For exploration at sea, there is a small fishing-boat available for To take you fishing or snorkeling around the nearby bays and beaches.

Any property so near to the beach will want to serve fresh and wholesome Seafood, and The Last House is no exception, although we will be Offering delicious alternatives for those craving more variety. The Kitchen has been developed over time using regular consulting chefs with Experience in Australia, UK, Thailand and Hong Kong. Dinner might start with Ocean Crab Salad with Spicy Coconut Sauce or Lemongrass and Lime Leaves Seafood Soup: Main Fare from Crispy Skin Snapper Fillet with Coconut Lime and Dahl Sauce upon Mash to Rajasthan Mutton Curry with Pandan Steamed Basmati Rice and Fresh Coriander. A Full selection of Sri Lankan Curries of course remains popular and has The whole household doing their beloved part in the kitchen. All rounded Off with a choice of desserts. Lunch serves a variety of salads incorporating local lobster, prawns and Tuna, a Mixed Tempura or Mezze Plate, or Seafood Risotto to name a few. Breakfast (is included in all room rates) will typically offer subtle Blends of fruit juices according to the season, eggs almost any how, Pancakes, muesli, cereals and some galvanizing Sri Lankan start to the Day…. All with a selection of Sri Lanka’s renowned teas, or coffee.